Flag Football Texas (FFT) is all about kids PLAYING!
Flag Football Texas stresses Skill development for all young athletes.
We want all of our athletes to have fun in a family environment where they learn to play our great game of football!
FFT makes certain every athlete is always running, catching, throwing, defending etc. Great football players are great athletes- Flag Football Texas is about kids playing, having fun and being ATHLETIC.
Why have young athletes so structured and in a certain position? Great Athletes in all sports possess athletic abilities such as running, catching, throwing agility etc. We want to stress this in a fun game environment.


What age/grade for what team?

Ages Kindergarten to Grade 5
Ages 5 - 11

8 Games Guaranteed

Grades are sometimes combined for better development and competition.

How much is it to play?

$225 +Taxes for all grades - Boys/Girls/Coed Leagues.
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $199 +TAXES, ENDS August 14, 2023

Registration Includes:

  • NFL jersey, set of flags and belt.
  • Each Team will receive a football.
  • 8 Games guaranteed.
  • Championship weekend.
  • Championship League Rings.
  • Coaches will have 1-2 voluntary practices per week.
  • Evaluation combine August 26 (Week 1). Get tested like the pros!
  • All players will have access to FAST Leader board- See how you rank compared to other players in our age group!
  • 10% of SST Sports Texas Camps – Speed/ QB Dawgs/ Football positional Camps.
  • Discount on all NFL gear.
  • 12% discount on all Supplements on SST Sports Texas Website.
  • FREE “How to run a Faster 40 Yard dash” Ebook!

What do you need to bring?

  • Mouthguard (can be purchased at our SST Sports Texas Booth)
  • Cleats (no metal cleats)

Purchase you Swag Pack

Look good, Play great with your NFL team swag pack!

You will have access to PURCHASE YOUR OWN personal package at a discounted rate!


  • Your personalized team gloves.
  • Your personalized team shorts.

When does Season Start?

Fall Season: September 16 Start Week

Game schedule will be set prior to start date – we will post on website/ Instagram/ Facebook media sites

Where will games be played?

Stampede Park - Overland Trace
Woodforest Parkway Montgomery TX.

What days will games be played on?

All Games will be played on Saturdays 9 am - 12 noon.

Teams will play 48 minute game with a 30 minute practice prior to the game.

The schedule will be set one week prior to season starts.

Due to weather and field issues the Season start and end dates are subject to change.

We will communicate thru email/ Website and Facebook/Instagram page with regard to any weather-related changes. Please check your email and our website/ Facebook/Instagram group.

How Many Players per team?

Each team will have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 12 players.

Evaluation and Draft Night

How teams will be chosen?
Each coach will have the opportunity to keep 4 of his players from his prior team.
Every player will be evaluated by coaches on August 26. Players will be put thru basic football skills and agilities.
Coaches will meet and draft players to ensure teams are competitive to provide each player a great opportunity to learn the game of football.

Registration Process

How do you register?


Any player can register and will be placed on a team according to their age.

Can I register a team?

YES any team registration of 8 or more players will receive a 10 % discount on all team members.

On the registration page there will be section called Team Preference. In the comments section please note the coach for the team you want to play on.

COACHES - if you have your own team?

Please Email: Coach Larry so we can set everything up for you.

Can I register to be on the same team as my friends or with a coach?

YES- we want everyone to have FUN! Playing with friends is always fun and football is FUN!

On the registration form it will ask you "Friend Request" and/or "Coach Request”.

In the comment section please state your friends’/coaches names you would like to play on

ROSTERS ARE SET 1 WEEK PRIOR to start of Season

AFTER Start date any LATE REGISTRATION understands that their NFL FLAG uniform will have to be ordered LATE, so it will arrive LATE, possibly after opening weekend. Sizes may be affected.

How many practices per week?

One week prior to start of schedule – teams will be set so PARENTS/ COACHES can start practicing. Parents/ Coaches control the days they practice. Typically, teams will practice 1-2 times per week between 60-90 minutes.

Where? The best thing about flag football is you just need a grass area to practice at any schools/ community fields such as any elementary/ Middle or high school.

Teams and coaches will decide what days and times are best for practices.

Can I Coach?

YES- we love to have parents and volunteers to coach in our fun filled family atmosphere. Please select “yes” on the appropriate box during the registration process.

If you are a coach with a team that you would like to register please Email: Coach Larry so we can set everything up for you.

Are there PLAYOFFS?


Winners will receive CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!

All Star Team selection

At every age group coaches and FNL Flag member will select an all star team for each age group.

All star players will receive a customized swag pack.

Are players allowed to play up a grade level?

Yes- we encourage players playing to their ability. We will consult with coaches and parents regarding moving up in a division.

If a girl is playing on a boys team- Girls have the opportunity to play down a grade.

General League Format

  • 6 v 6 format on 30 yard wide x 50 yard long fields.


Flag Football Texas 2023 Fall Season:

Week 1- September 16
Bantam 9 am
Buccaneers 24 vs Titans 0
Ravens 6 vs Texans 6

Major 10 am
Giants 18 vs Eagles 0
49ers 0 vs Patriots 30

11 am
Texans 0 vs Patriots 30

Week 2- September 23
Bantam 9am
Titans 0 vs Ravens 35
Texans 26 vs Buccaneers 8

Major 10 am
Texans 7 vs 49ers 21
Eagles 0 vs Patriots 20

11 am
Giants 38 vs 49ers 0

Week 3- September 30
Bantam 9am
Ravens vs Buccaneers
Texans vs Titans

Major 10 am
Giants vs Texans
Eagles vs 49ers

11 am
Giants vs Pats

Week 4- October 7
Bantam 9 am
Titans vs Buccaneers
Texans vs Ravens

Major 10 am
Pats vs Eagles
Texans vs Giants

11 am
49ers vs Texans

Week 5- October 14
Bantam 9 am
Ravens vs Titans
Buccaneers vs Texans

Major 10 am
Giants’ vs 49ers
Eagles vs Pats

11 am
Texans vs Eagles
Pats vs Giants

Week 6 – October 21
Bantam 9 am
Buccaneers vs Ravens
Titans’ vs Texans

Major 10 am
Eagles vs Giants
Texans vs 49 ers

11 am
Pats vs Texans
49er vs Eagles

Super Bowl Weekend
October 28 TBA


Stampede Park
240 Deerbourne Ridge Drive
Montgomery, TX

Jackson Park
Overland Trace and Woodforest Parkway
Montgomery, TX

Contact Us

  • Phone: 1(888) 995-FLAG(3524)
  • Location: Jackson Park
    Woodforest Parkway,
    Montgomery, TX
  • Ask for: Coach Larry Jusdanis
  • Email: Coach Larry

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